LivePlan Financial Forecast Service — A Roadmap for Your Business Success

A financial forecast benefits the strategy and management of any business at any stage. 

Increase the likelihood of meeting your growth goals, and decrease your likelihood of failure with your customized LivePlan Financial Forecast Service:

✓ Work with a LivePlan Advisor who will build a custom forecast to meet the goals of your business
✓ Get free access to LivePlan software, which makes it easier to share and update your plan
✓ Quantify changes that may impact your future
✓ Guide strategic business decisions with thoughtful and specific financial goals

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How It Works

Meet with your advisor
Meet with your advisor
to define your goals
Your advisor will learn about your business and help you set realistic goals.
Advisor builds forecast
Your advisor builds
your forecast
You'll get forecasted financial statements for your profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow.
Review your forecast
Review your forecast
to stay on track
You’ll keep your LivePlan access for a full year, and we offer ongoing Forecast updates as an additional service.

A LivePlan Forecast can help you intelligently address the questions that keep you up at night

"Will I want/need outside funding?
If so, how much?"

need outside funding

"Can I afford to spend more on marketing this year?"

spend more on marketing

"Should I hire an employee or invest in equipment?"

hire an employee

"How much could my business grow in the coming years?"

grow in coming years

Working with an advisor makes you a more strategic business owner

Create living forecast

Create a lean, living financial forecast

Your advisor will consult with you to deliver a forecast that you understand.

data driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Gut instinct isn't always enough. A thoughtful forecast will help you make informed decisions for the future you want for your business.

power to change

The power to change

Some financial consultants deliver complex sheets that might overwhelm you. In LivePlan, your forecast empowers you to “own your numbers” and make updates as the world changes around you.

adapt to changes

Adapt to changes over time

In response to demand, we can offer longer-term engagements with your LivePlan Advisor to help continually update your Forecast and ensure you can strategically manage your business for the long-term.

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